EQ Use and Unequal Hearing Loss

A couple years back I asked about hearing loss, tinnitus etc.  Loss was worse in left ear and I could tell it affected the balance.  Highs were the affected freqs.  Later I upgraded to a Raven Blackhawk that didn't have balance or tone controls.  I couldn't find an integrated tube amp, at that price, with said controls.  Having a plan I asked them to add a processor loop (used inputs 4 and 5) in my build.  Lately I executed my plan as it was now obvious that imaging was off, and despite the "creep" of what is one's normal, I could tell music was soft.  It was time to try to correct it.

For my plan, I added a Schiit Lokius to each channel.  Unfortunately Lokius (any of their 3  models) don't have separate channels.  While more than the Loki Mini, I opted for more bands and what appears to be higher up in the line technology.  About $300 ea.  Easy and unobtrusive.  My loss is at 3k and is worst around 8k and above and is about twice as affected on the left, per audiograms.  Say -10 and -20 respectively.  The comparison of audiogram dB and instrument dB is not clear to me.  They aren't the same. Suffice to say the numbers look worse than my perceived experience.  Pretty normal, I thought, until I inquired. Get evaluated, you may be surprised.  Wear protection above 85 sustained or impulses over 90 or 95.  Prob due to shooting for sure, summer jobs using jackhammer, outboards, snowmobiles.  And a few concerts/clubs.  

Bottom line is that music now has the intended staging and of course better freq content.  What is "correct"?  That's hard to say as I no doubt had a skewed reality.  But yes, things are (seem) firing on all cylinders!  The second half of the bands are at about 1, 3, 3:30  o'clock on the left and 1,2, 3 o'clock on the right, as a reference.  Still much to go (5+ o'clock).  Absolute SQ seems unaffected but staging/imaging are improved as are the missing highs I thought my speakers lacked.  Upgraditis has been cured too.  The stage now seems fuller, and musicians don't just happen to be right of center as much anymore.  Hearing the "room" and reverb better.  Happy indeed.  I hope this helps.  Don't fear EQ!  Don't wait.  


Glad you solved it.

For others with related needs:

This dual 21 band eq also has 4 selectable line inputs and a tape loop.


A little harder to get balance solved, but quite capable if you take your time.

You have basicly imitated a high quality hearing aid.  Hearing aids are frequency tuned to fill in the bands you are depressed at and give you a flat frequency response.  

I am currently using the phillips hearing aids sold by costco which have a hifi music setting and am very happy with the results.  

I don't really need hearing aids for everyday life.  Many of my coworkers have much worse hearing than I do and have chosen to avoid the stigma.  I'm more into function than form so I don't worry about it.   I could take them out in public if I wanted to but it's nice to hear fine details everywhere.  Birds chirping is especially nice.