EML 5U4G in Modwright Tube Power Supply ?


Curious if any of you have tried this tube in the mentioned power supply and how would you describe the sound signature in comparison to Philips 5R4GYS?

Wig did you try the Sophia 274b in your modwright power supply. Did you use the regular one or the aqua tube?
@wig how did the hidiamond 3 powercable sound like n the Sony modwright CD player 

Not a good match really, warm and dense sounding! Hard to beat the cable listed below in the $200 range which competes with PC costing 5X more and it's very open and transparent with no listening fatigue:

Here are a few links for BM V2 DIY:

Rhodium AC Set:

BM V2 Professionally built:

I used Paypal for checkout and you will receive a second e-mail within 24 hrs. with your total order amount including shipping; the link will be embedded in the e-mail to pay using paypal.

This cable has a drain wire and should only be connected at AC plug with the ground.

Oyaide PC Thread:

My system is already very transparent could stand a little more richness and weight 

I had the HD7, which were good but found Clarity Cables the Organic line to be more natural and open sounding with a richer midrange.

I’m using Oyaide Tunami Nigo V2 SC which is slightly over $400 and none of the cables I owned in excess of $3K beats it and if you are looking for a great sounding SC on a budget, Deulund 16 Ga bare wire is amazing and right at $100 depending on length.