Dual Zone Amps

I just sold my headphone amp and now I need to get an amp to serve 2 purposes. It has to have dual zone output (A+B zones) so that it can be switched to drive my Magnepan LRS+ speakers and also my RAAL phones.

So far these are the amps that I have seen with the feature:

  • T+A A3000HV
  • T+A P3100HV integrated
  • Yamaha 5000 series amp
  • Luxman 509x integrated

I need an amp with a lot of power at 4 Ohm and the T+A seems to be the one to get. What are the others that I am missing?

The other option is to get an amp with just a single zone and pull out the speaker cable when I need to switch. This is a bit of a PIA but if I do this (much better costs) then I will go with a KRELL Duo XD amp.


I would ask a Magnepan dealer, you need an answer from someone very familiar with Maggies.

I bought a used Sanders Sound Systems MagTech amp for the LRS+ speakers. I spoke with Roger Sanders about how to incorporate the headphones. He gave me a few ideas and along with some other folks in the RAAL community, I solved my issues. Here is a link to a summary of what I figured out.

Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A | Page 465 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org

The MagTech could be incredible for the LRS+.

I believe the MagTech construction is outsourced to CODA. Which is a huge plus for me.