Drifting tonearm/cartridge weight

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I'm back into analog, and I have installed a Benze Micro Silver cartridge on a Rega P-3 turntable. I have the adjustments set, but my tonearm drifts slightly to the left (toward the outside of the turntable) as it lowers. I have set the stylus pressure to match the higher end of what is recommended by Benz. I can't remember ever having to include the weight of the cartridge in that calculation. Any ideas??? The turntable is level.

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Viridian nailed it.

It's worth adding that you may have AS set too high, which would increase any outward drift while cueing. It's very unlikely you need AS set as high as your tracking force. If you have, try reducing it to half that amount or even less. You only need enough AS to track dynamic passages cleanly on both channels. Any more will cause sonic degradation as well as mechanical issues like these.
Many thanks folks. Adjusting the anti-skate took care of the problem.

Another case of audiogoners to the rescue.

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