Doors remasters vs. DCC golds

Would anyone like to comment on the new Doors HDCD remasters and how they compare to the DCC gold discs of a few years back? I'm particularly interested in the first album and "Strange Days".
Should we get rid of the DCC and go with the new reissues?
Hey Duke. I can't answer your question, but it brings to mind another question: has any other band had their catalog remastered as many times as The Doors? Hard to believe there are enough die-hards out there buying the same albums over and over to make this profitable. (I suppose the bulk of the sales are generated by the neverending supply of new generations of alienated high school kids, but still. . .)
I guess I must be one of those die hard fans. I have the first Doors CDs released in the 1980's,, the first batch of remasters, German, Japan, Russian issues, DCC and of course the Doors Box with all the studio albums in HDCD.(Please don't even ask about vinyl and boots) In my system the HDCD Doors titles are the best followed by the DCC CDs. I would keep the DCC CDs for the sound and as collectors items. By the way today ,July 3 in the 31st anniversary of Jim Morrsion death in Paris. I for one miss him very much, RIP Jim and thank you for the words.
Very well put Rec. I too am a big fan of Jim Morrison and The Doors. I have every one of their LP's as first pressing, DJ (promo) or both.
I concur that thr HDCD discs are excellent and an improvement on the DCC discs.