Don Garber Fi 421A Amp

I bought one of his 2a3 Fi X amps here off Audiogon a few years ago, and love it. Pretty beat up and one channel is weak, but still it's got a great hot and lively sound with KR tubes.

Anyway, ordered a 421A amp from Don 18 months ago, and it just showed up. Unfortunately, giving it some listening time it's not really my thing. Kinda cold and not as beautiful of midrange as the 2a3 amps.

Anybody have a Fi 2a3 stereo or monoblocks, or even some other well-made 2a3 amp like maybe Sophia Electric, that they'd be interested in trading for my 421a amp?
Are you certain that you have given this amplifier enough time to burn in ? Just wondering because this particular Garber amplifier has established a reputation for very good sound and high level musicality.
Did you ever get sell or trade your amp? I also believe you should give it some more time..Maybe switching out the driver tube..