Does the Audioquest Dragonfly work with Linux?

Audioquest only lists Windows and Mac support.
Because it does not support linux. A guy was having some issues under linux Os.

I advise you to email Audioquest first and see if they have a fix.
Thanks for the reply. I've been holding off getting one until I find out if it will work with my OS. Quite often, with USB devices, they work with other OS's than what is listed. I figured if I asked AQ, they may just say no because thats what they're told to say. But you're right, I really have nothing to lose by contacting them. Thanks again.
It works perfectly fine with Linux. I've used it with Vortexbox systems (Fedora 16) and it works right out of the box. You just have to be sure to use alsamixer to make sure your output is set to 100% (line level). If you are using the Dragonfly with headphones, you can use alsamixer to adjust the volume setting.