Does eanyone know anything about the EAR Acute 3?

Hi, I do not know nothing about EAR electronics, I would like to know all there is with the tone and presatation of this EAR Acute 3 cd-player, The positive feedback issue 54 april 2011 on line review was thru the roof!, I currently own a Ayon 2s player and may keep it for a second system, however, my main rig needs a source that matches my cables more, thats what I do, I do not match cables for componets!, I match componets to my cables, its easier for me that way, leaves a narrow window for mistakes to me, thankyou gentlemen in advance, Happy listening.
Pray Tell what are these critically important cables. To say the least it is one of the "interesting" approaches to setting up a rig I have ever hears of.
Audiolabyrinth -

the EAR acute3 is on my short-list as well. I tried to contact the EAR distributor recently and did not get a reply?

I would like to know where a dealer/retailer has the Acute3 on display for auditioning.
Jay at Audio Revelations is a dealer for EAR. He has always been very helpful and knowledgeable.
@ Mechans, Hi, I do not have the very best of cables, it is all I can afford, thats why changing cables is to exspensive for me, and I like the sound of these cables, The Taralabs zero gold I/C, the Taralabs Omega gold speaker cable, The Taralabs cobalt power cord with oyaide plugs is what I own, Happy Listening.
@ Jafant, Zd542 wants to hook me up with a dealer of the Acute 3, I will get him to come to this thread for us, interesting player, did you read the positive feedback review on this player?, cheers.
IMO: The EAR Acutes sound very good. I found that they benefit from tube rolling. They tend to be a bit richer (depending on tubes) and less analytical. As with any audio component whether you like the EAR sound is up to you and the rest of your system. I feel they are overpriced so used is probably the way to go.
*EAR also builds a stand alone DAC.
Sounds great! Audiolabyrinth.
Joman - where are you and Audio Revelations located?
I have owned one. BTW: I never liked the CD transport as it did some strange things when I owned it and it was cheap. If I had it to do over I would probably try the DAC.
Audio Revelations is located in Southern California. I am in Southeastern Idaho.