Do you belong more to souce first or to speakers first school of thought ?

It is more complicated in reality of high end than either/or but still we have our preferences. This is a never ending debate, so let's never end it.


Speakers first, always. Only you have your ears, specific musical preferences in what sounds good and the environment they will live in.
Go with the objective of buying something you can live with for decades, source equipment will always be swapped as improvements or budget improve.
Had my first pair for 30+ years and cycled through 4 systems and they just kept sounding better.
As for GIGO, you can't drive great sound thru bad speakers but the opposite holds true. Great speakers will always sound good and make the most of the source.

Speakers first. Buy the best speaker you can afford to match the room. Buy source with the remaining budget.  This will give you the best sound from whatever your source may be.

Then go on to upgrade the source and other components to match the speakers. 

Once speakers and source matched upgrade the speakers and start again!