Digital LP’s

Has anyone noticed that LP’s made from digital sources don’t sound as good as actual CDs.  The seem to lack spaciousness and detail.



Most modern recordings are made digitally, these days. They're just made at much higher resolutions and bitrates than what comes out on CD (16/44) and various other download formats.

Usually, the digital masters will use a resolution of at least 24-bit/96 kHz, sometimes going as high as 32-bit/192 kHz. At these resolutions the music will sound just as good (if not better) than a pure analogue source.  

To me, vinyl always sound better than CD and I think this is at least partially why.

@ossicle2brain  " At these resolutions the music will sound just as good (if not better) than a pure analogue source."

I agree with what you say about the quality of today's digital recordings.  They are very good.  Pretty much all of the vinyl I own comes from the 50's, 60's, 70's, all analog chain.  

My question remains, why put these new digitally recorded pieces on a slab of vinyl?  I look forward to your thoughts.





Over the past few years of improvements in digital recording, I have been recording both analog- and digital-sourced LPs to DSD128 and become less of an analog purist.. I almost always prefer a vinyl-to-hi-res digital recording over a pure digital stream. If a digital recording intermediated by vinyl sounds better than a pure digital stream, is this not proof that however euphonic, vinyl is an affectation?

Of course RTR playback from an analog source is a different question,           .  

@abnerjack Because it’s essentially the only way to get high resolution recordings into the house. The closest high rez digital gets is from places like Qobuz which streams some music at 24/196, and SACD and DVD audio which I believe is roughly the same bit rate, but this music is limited and from my comparisons to the vinyl it still falls a little short in sound quality.

Plus people like vinyl and nearly all recording is being done digitally now.


Vinyl typically has a more dynamic range than its digital counterpart so I will buy it just for that even if there is a D in the chain. AAA is nice but pretty rare.