Difference between Rega and NAD sound

What is major difference in the sound between Rega (Elicit R) and NAD (C375). Clarity, details or just the bass?

I could be wrong but I asked if anybody knows about the difference in sound meaning transparency, sound stage, quality of the bass. The difference in sound in general. Home sound vs home sound.
That link is Elicit R review, not a comparison.

I can talk about the house sound of the two having owned a NAD 320BEE and a Rega Brio R if that is of any help.  

Sound wise I find the Rega a bit fuller and more fleshed out.  The Rega sound is very detailed, I can really hear into the music. 

The NAD by comparison is more ballsy sounding and I would be surprised by the level of detail I would hear.

The Rega is also better built.

Granted not the same models you are comparing, nor the same price levels.  I would gladly upgrade to a higher level Rega, but not a higher level NAD.


@rar1, I agree with you.

I've owned both, and recommend them.  But it's definitely not a coin toss, as they sound quite different.  Rega sounds warmer, richer, and fuller bodied.  NAD is more upfront, and what people may consider neutral