Difference between Manley Compact 100 and Compact 80 amplifiers? Problems?

Hi guys.  I am becoming interested in Manley monoblock amplifiers.  Can anyone tell me the difference between the Compact 100's and the Compact 80's.  They seem to have the same circuitry and tubes?  Was this just a name change because Stereophile raised questions about the design of the Compact 100's (which came first, when there was no Compact 80's in the line.)  Were some of Stereophiles objections met by a bias redesign with the result of a downgrade in power?  Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I am nervous because my preamp is an ARC SP-6a, which did not have auto-delay relays before letting the preamp stabilize, and I suspect that this would sooner or later give rise to the condition that S-phile says would blow the amps up?  Any negative experiences out there with an ARC SP-6 or 6a and these Manley Compacts?

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I have an SP6. Turn it on before the power amp and turn it off after shutting off the power amp. It remains an excellent preamp at an affordable price!
That is the way to do it, for sure.  Problem is we human's sometimes lack a bit in consistency.  I've perhaps blown the sequence once in two years, but I certainly don't want to destroy an amp (much less speakers) once in two years.

Some of those transformers are hard to source.  VTL service and support were horrible in my experience.... they hate servicing legacy products that are bought used.  I learned the hard way with a used Compact 50 , which sounded great when it worked.   Most unreliable, I should say ONLY unreliable component I’ve ever owned and I have owned many.   
Harry, FYI the Compact 100 and 80 amplifiers were VTL products.  That has been a separate company from Manley for many years now.  I'd suggest contacting VTL for information about any differences between the amps.  I've owned both VTL and Manley amps and found factory service to very good.

The simple basic rule with separate components - turn amps on last and off first.  That way any pops or surge from other components won't be amplified if the amps are already on.
Thanks, pryso.  I realized my naming error after posting.  Manley and VTL were so intertwined in the early days that I simply slipped up.  As for sequence, I know you are correct, and I managed my D90 okay.  But I am getting quite old, and am not as reliable as I used to be.  I was hoping maybe the m80 is the m100 with the bias-rail problem fixed (Stereophile said that to do so would lower the power output level, hence the "80" vs the "100".

Thanks for your comment.