Difference between Cambridge Audio CXN and CXN V2 and other Network Streamers

So I am looking for a Network Streamer and the Cambridge CXN and CXN V2 come up.  From what I read the V2 had updated processing power but when I compare the two the DAC and Analogue filters are the same.  Is it worth the extra $300 clams to go with the V2 or get the CXN and look for a separate DAC (a Schiit or something).  I do see the Azure 851N is a significant jump with two DACs and is CA's premium streamer.  Also throw in the Oppo Sonica, is it a fair comparison to the CXN variants?  Anyone have any experience or insight with these network streamers.
I guess you could consider this a bump. I looking at a similar situation: I want to know whether the $900 CXN V2 is worth $300 more than the $600 CXN (with firmware update) and, whether the $1500 Azure 815N is worth $600 more than the V2 and $900 more than the CXN. It is enough to make your head (and credit card) spin.

I am also considering the Marantz ND8006 which at $1200 sits halfway between the CXN V2 and the Azure 815N 

My Current environment

Tidal ->
PC (Lenovo Edge 15) ->
ifi nanoDSD ->
Marsh MSD p200b preamp ->
Parasound MCA-2200 ->
Magnepan 1.7i’s

On a side note: does anyone have anything like a firm grasp on when Cambridge Audio’s promised Tidal support will materialize, and whether it will include Tidal’s MQA (24/96) offerings? I wouldn’t mind removing the PC from the chain at least optionally. I could care less about Bluetooth in this system..
I did a little research since my last post, and I don't see any sonic differences between the CXN and the CXN V2 as mikijh noted.  Just the faster processor and a stated improvement in Internet Radio.  

The interface changes are available to CXN owners via a software upload.  Frankly, I do not see $300 worth of differences here.

I see some differences between the CXN and 815N  most significant in my estimation:

Different DAC Chip set:  Twin AD1955 for the Azure as compared to the Wolfson 8740's 

Addition of a DC Servo to the 2-pole Differential Bessels on the output side.

More connections, Most notably the addition of an AES/EBU digitial input.  Also a 2nd TOSLINK, 2nd Coax digital input.and a 3rd usb port for a memory stick 

The DSP volume control in the CXN has been replaced with a SHARC unit, which I presume is an upgrade.  

All in all, I am leaning toward the CXN.  I do not consider the upgrade to the V2 to be worth anywhere near the $300 price difference.  

To me the decision between the CXN and the Azure is less straightforward.  The two reviews I read indicate that a noticeable improvement in sound quality is achieved with the Azure.  Still, considering that the Azure costs 2.5 times as much, I'm inclined to try the CXN.

Other perspectives are, of course welcome.  Anybody heard both?

I was in the same boat and decided to go with the CXN at the new reduced price and I have 30 days to return it. Been to listening tidal with the CXN the last couple days and it sounds very good.  If I had to make decision right now, I'd keep the CXN and pocket the difference between it and the 851n.
I have pulled the trigger on the CXN. Once it arrives and has had sufficient burn-in, I will update this post with my impressions. My hope is to alleviate the harshness of some of the high frequency output. Primarily trumpets and other horns. Also some muddiness in orchestral work.

Benfica1: Thanks for your post. Are you feeding Tidal through your PC or have you been successful in getting it fed directly to your CXN via Ethernet / WiFi ? Also: are you using the CXN as a pre-amp or strictly as a Streamer/DAC ?

Markainsworth: I'm feeding tidal to the CXN via wifi using the app on my iPhone/iPad and AirPlay. I did have to change a setting on my router for it to stream without dropouts. I'm using the CXN strictly as a streamer/dac into my Cambridge 851a integrated right now and it is sounding better than I expected. Right now I would say it's sounding better than my Marantz CD player and I like this player a lot. Good luck and keeps us posted.
Does anyone have the link for the CXN at the reduced price - $599?  I am unable to find the link anymore. 
I own both 851N and CXN V1 both.
the 851N is a premium feeling and the DAC is almost as good as Chord Dave!!!
the Dac on 851N has overtake the Hugo TT2
which we try on the same wiring.
The analog part we use is Nakamichi amplifier 1 and PMC 25.26
the sound is marvelous!!! Everyone in the room was stunning!
We use SACD and Streeming with same alabum.
The Tidal over take the SACD but spotify was poorer.
Next time We will try it with CXN V1

I have a change to buy the old version CXN V1
on a discount price my question is if the old version can support the main striming services like Tidal,Deezer and Quboz ?
If I update the V1 is it basically the same as the new version V2 ?