Did I do ok?

I'm not really a video guy, but I do ocassionally watch DVD's. To that end a few years ago I spent $100 on a used Panasonic DVD player. It has recently started not recognizing discs inserted into it, and not being able to play them. So I decided to buy a new player. Here is what I came up with, an Onkyo DVSP 300, which is progressive scan (can't use it), a SACD player (don't care), a DVD-A player (don't care), and a regular old DVD-V player with a component output. I got this beast new for $99.88 plus free shipping. Is this a good player and did I get a good price? I'm thinking I did, 'cause the same player at Oade Bros. was $150. I usually don't ask questions to validate a purchase but I find the world of video so bewildering I'm looking for some reassurance from you videophiles. Thanks in advance!
I don't really care about video either. I would still be interested in this player. I have a Sony SCD 777es for SACD but I would have bought that piece for the DVD-A. The cost is nearly nothing and I could get the Queen "A Night at the Opera."

Then I could watch the occasional DVD too. You did good son! Now go to your room!

You may want to check your source of information again. This "deal" sounded too good to be true, so I did a bit of investigating. I do not see any mention of SACD or DVD-A playback for the DVSP300 or DVPS300. I did see it listed as a progressive scan unit that plays DVD, CD, mp3, etc, but not SACD or DVD-A.

The Onkyo DVSP 800 is listed as a combo player playing DVD (prog. scacan), SACD and DVD-A.

There are lots of progressive scan DVD players available for $99 today. I do not know if they are good or bad, but they are plentiful.


It's ok if it doesn't do SACD or DVD-A, I thought I saw that in the Oade Bros. product description. As long as it is a well built, good quality DVD-V player I'll be happy.