Did Amir Change Your Mind About Anything?

It’s easy to make snide remarks like “yes- I do the opposite of what he says.”  And in some respects I agree, but if you do that, this is just going to be taken down. So I’m asking a serious question. Has ASR actually changed your opinion on anything?  For me, I would say 2 things. I am a conservatory-trained musician and I do trust my ears. But ASR has reminded me to double check my opinions on a piece of gear to make sure I’m not imagining improvements. Not to get into double blind testing, but just to keep in mind that the brain can be fooled and make doubly sure that I’m hearing what I think I’m hearing. The second is power conditioning. I went from an expensive box back to my wiremold and I really don’t think I can hear a difference. I think that now that I understand the engineering behind AC use in an audio component, I am not convinced that power conditioning affects the component output. I think. 
So please resist the urge to pile on. I think this could be a worthwhile discussion if that’s possible anymore. I hope it is. 




I am perhaps not surprised, but also disappointed in the animosity towards audio science review. As I stated earlier in this thread, I learned more there than every other site combined. There are blowhards there like everywhere else, and I got the odd abuse for asking a question some thought was dumb, but I took my lumps, pushed back as appropriate and moved on. Many were helpful even putting what I could tell was significant time into their replies. I had picked up a lot of bad audio habits over the years (decades), and i was fully loaded with all kinds of information but no way to put it all together into something useful. Whether from dealers, audio sites, etc. any time I had asked for recommendation or ideas, I was always inundated with what, but rarely why. Like a kid in a candy shop, perhaps my fault I did not asked enough why questions, I bought all kinds of stuff based on recommendations and professional reviews. Frankly, I was mainly wasting my money. I didn't get a lot of what recommendations at ASR, other than this is probably good enough, but I got a lot of why discussions and why questions and why explanations. I had to sort through the chafe as the aforementioned blowhards like to be heard, but there were enough people who really knew their subject.

Perhaps the best case in point would be speaker setup. I could point to 3 or 4 guides on how to set up speakers in a room. I am sure they all have some correct aspects. I am also sure that they are all fundamentally wrong enough or too simple to result in anything but barely acceptable results. Not one of them beyond some rough discussion of bass response explains much about why, and if you don't know why, then how do you adapt?

I think I have posted enough on this subject, people will think what they want to think, but I will repeat something someone else said earlier. I think the attitudes demonstrated are hiding a lot insecurity. I was probably there at one point. Takes a big person to admit they were wrong.

Here you were more than right and i am totally with you...We think the same...



No worries.

Just the point being that cult behavior is bad anywhere.