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Best Fortune Cookie Fortune Ever
Love it!  
Anybody here upgrade from Chord Qutest DAC"
@txp1  I use the M-Scaler with the Hugo2 and the Dave.  You've probably figured it out by now, but the M-Scaler really isn't about frequency response, it's about coherence.  It brings the music and the acoustic ambience together something fierce.... 
I'm so glad you put it all in capitals! I don't even have to read it to know it's full of cr@p.  
Will a Chord Hugo 2 make a music streamer addition obsolete?
I have the Hugo2 and run it off Qobuz on my phone into Noble Viking Ragnars and it sounds so good I sometimes can't even take it, it makes the music so emotional.   On my home system, I run Audirvana with no streamer and have insane sounding audi... 
Analyzing DACs
ASR is pure garbage as far as information about which DAC sounds good; they admit as much themselves.  The entire site is premised on the idea that no DAC sounds different than any other.  Anyone who disputes as much is quickly banned.   So its r... 
How much does a DAC do the more expensive it is?
In my case, being a professional studio musician, I'm extremely sensitive to the power of music, the sound of instruments, and in particular groove.  My DAC solution (M-Scaler/Dave) has both excellent clarity (where instruments sound more like the... 
Apple Launching Lossless Music Subscription Service?
Please, oh PLEASE don't give more money to Apple or Amazon.   Support the little guys who've been working so hard and providing so much value, like Qobuz.  
How much does a DAC do the more expensive it is?
  @ghdprentice gets it exactly right. It’s just like anything else: 1) Designers try to make the best product. 2) At its price, it either represents the value you’re looking for, or it doesn’t.