Denver 2019 RMAF- Paul's

Here are my picks:

Top Rooms:

  1. Vienna Acoustics Imperials + REL Stacked Sub Array + Boulder Separates = Phenomenal sound. They played a track from a Tool album (not my pick) and it was awesome. Totally listenable and engaging. No harshness whatsoever even though this is a metal band. Felt like I went through a transcendent experience.

  1. Hegel Room: H390 + Sonus Faber Electa Amator III = Super simple system that took total control of the small room. Kept looking for the sub that wasn’t there. 

  1. Revel Room: F228BE + Mark Levinson Integrated = Crystal clear balanced sound with no fatigue at all. Nearly full range with chest thumping yet tight bass. Detailed highs. I want a pair ($7K).

  1. Sonus Faber Room: Olympica Nova Vs + can’t recall the gear stack = Slam in spades. The image was a little larger than life but great soundstage and dynamics. My wife wants a pair but they are not in the current budget at $17K.

  1. Acora Room: SRC-1 two way made of granite using Scanspeak drivers. Run with ARC separates. Sounded real. Like there was a violinist in the room. Pricing is way off though, $36K.

Other Standouts:

  • Salk Room: Beautiful and great sounding speakers.

  • Elac Room: Great standmounts for not a lot of dough. Carina gives the Kef LS50s a run for the money and are hundreds less too boot! Debut Reference sets a new standard for $500 standmounts.

  • Kanto Room: Tuk two way actives with ATM tweeters are a real gateway into HiFi. They have a remote control, built in amps and DAC with wireless capability. Plus there is a switchable crossover for adding a subwoofer. These were really quite good at $700.