Denon DL300, 304

I just ordered a cartride from Origin Live; a Denon DL304 based on Denon's moving coil reputation, price, and specifications. Total cost was right about 200 euros; seems fair enough. Combined with a Dynavector DV6A it should be a nice combination.

Now, has anybody used a DL304 cartridge?

Also, there is another Denon MC cartridge which seems dirt cheap; model number is DL300. Vance Baldwin quoted me 78 bucks for this puppy; it is a low output coil so a step up is required. Anybody have any experience with this?

I have an older 300. I keep it as a back-up. It is a respectable low price MC. I got it around 1983 or so and it was around 100.00 then. Nothing spectacular, but very good for it's price range. Why not give a look at the Denon 103? Now there is a great cart for the money.
I ordered a DL304 from Origin Live rather than the DL103 as the 304 is more compliant and lighter. My tonearm is a RB300 on an Audio Note table and a coming Denon DP47F. Most people have said the RB300 is not optimal for a DL103; a DL103D or DL103S is a better choice as they are more compliant and weigh less. The DL300 seems about the same when comparing specs so I ordered one.,

I also intend to acquire a DL103D or S when I can lay my hands on one and possibly a DL103R but I fear it will have the same limitations as the standard DL103 with a RB300.
I would disagree. I use the 103 & 103r on both the RB250 & RB300. Search here and you will see that many people like this combination, and recommend it.
In any event I ordered a DL103R and a DL301 today so it will be interesting to see how they both sound.
I've used the DL103 on RB250 and RB300 and they will work. However, they are not optimal in that setting, and would really benefit from some additional lateral mass. The HiFi mod is a huge improvement on a a Rega/DL103 combo. If you don't want to buy it from me, then go to the "Strange Tonearm Tweak" thread, read about it and build one for yourself. It's the best few dollars you'll ever spend on your turntable.
any experience with the DL301? The specs look more like a 103D; ie, lighter cartridge, more compliance. Price is certainly right when compared with things like a Dynavector DV17 Mk2 even used.

For people considering buying a Denon cartridge: Audio Cubes and Vance Baldwin order Denon cartridges. Information is Denon releases the cartridges available for US purchase on the 25th of each month. The DL103D is definitely not available from Denon. The DL103, 103D, 103R, DL102, DL301, and DLS1 (whatever; the expensive one) MIGHT be available.

The DL301 was 249 out the door (no sales tax) and a DL103R was 211; this is brand new. This is from Audio Cubes. Now we get to see if they can actually get them and ship them to me!



Audiocubes II shipped a 103r to me for $241 total. I had it in 3 days. If only some sellers shipped that fast...
I am looking for either a DL103R or DL304 and I am using a SAEC 407/23 arm. Any comments on them and how about the one from Origin Live?
The DL304 was discontinued when I tried to buy one; the 301 was available. The DL103R appears to remain available and is probably the bargain in audioland for a quality moving coil. It is a low output, though, and requires step up or a standard MC preamp input.
I use an old denon dl 300 with my rega rb 300(50$ lucky buy :D), p3..together with a sphinx project phono pre amp and a vincent tac el 34 tube amp..sounds wonderfull,not as tight and refinded as the same dl sounded on a mitchell gyrodec(a friends and twice as expensive as the p3 off course)..let us say this module can do more then it will do on a rega p3,but it sounds fine for me,very warm and bass rich,soft and smooth mids, highs...the 301 must be the newer version, not sure here....
Has anyone here compared the Denon DL-300 to the Denon DL-110? I currently have the Denon DL-110 and like it a lot I was thinking of trying a different MC Cart for kicks and saw a DL-300 up for grabs. I was researching the DL-300 and found this old thread. I'm wondering if anyone has done a comparison of the DL-300 vs the DL-110 since this thread was last updated. Thanks
I'm using an DL103 on a Rega RB300 with excellent results. Adding 3 grams to the head shell locked it in. Sounds spectacular. I have a DL110 in the package that I ordered before trying the headshell weight. I'm now in no rush to install it as every record I'm playing sounds better than ever. 
I am enjoying a DL-300 on an RB300 arm. It is an excellent match. A very well-balanced cartridge, from lows to highs. Pretty good tracker. For $50 USD I am quite pleased. This is one of the last sleeper bargains in LOMC cartridges.
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