This is the latest update on the Virtuoso components. I spent twenty minutes on the phone with Dave Belles back on April 11th and asked many questions for more details and release dates, especially on the Virtuoso integrated. Dave mentioned that the preamp section in the integrated is his best design ever during the past thirty years. I asked is it better than any preamp design you have designed in the past, hybrid or solid state? He said "Yes..its my greatest work to date".. and mentioned the Virtuoso amplifier which is available now to purchase, is the best amplifier he has designed to date, which applies to the Virtuoso preamplifier as well. He hopes to release the Virtuoso this coming fall which had a original release date in late 2017. The wait continues...
Are you still making this proclamation about and amp you never heard?
" I predict the Vrtuoso integrated will become the new bar standard globally and will blow out the window the SS integrated's from Gamut, Gato Audio, Cary and Levinson. "
facten973...How silly! David Belles has one of  strongest word of mouth reputations globally and does not need to advertise in the magazines to stay afloat. His design work at Magnum Dynalab and OCM Labs in the past speaks for itself. I've listened to his earlier pieces which I would compare to the early designs from Spectral and Krell. His reputation is so strong that buying his gear without listening is of no risk to Audiophiles and Musicphiles that desire the best musical sound quality above all else.
Reagrdless of what his reputation may be, what's "silly" is your prior proclamation without hearing the amp

So there.

I do like Dave's designs enough to have 3 of them kicking round the house. Not in use right now, but no urge to sell them....
Irregardless is not a word - "there is no such word as irregardless because regardless already means “without regard.”
Nice to hear audiozen. It is good to get excited about things like Belles.
I am a proud owner of Ref 150av2. Musical as in or does or has or not wanting musical. I will let facten figure that one out.
Did I say that Belles doesn't make good equipment? No I didn't. What I don't get is making absurd proclamations about a piece of gear relative to everything else out there when the piece in question  isn't even in production yet let alone heard by the op nor anyone else.
Hi facten. I am not making fun of you, I apologize if I did. Seems you had a way with teo's words and I thought you may have fun with my last statement in that post. 
And your question- Did I say that Belles doesn't make good equipment? I did not question that. I was just glad to hear audiozen's excitment about the Belles stuff as I have had great sucess with it.
I think Belles is a unique business like a few other real good ones we have for audiophiles.
What audionzen has done is share his enthusiasm with those that appreciate Belles stuff. No crime in my book. Bring on the excitement.
Also if you don't think he has committed a crime and do not like what he has stated, why not just ignore him. You will probably be happier if you did.
Hey Johnny R at Audio Connect. By chance if you happen to come across this thread would you mind sharing with us your listening experience with the new Virtuoso amplifier you've had on display at your store for the past month, assuming that its burned in.
Here is Wendel
  Taking inspection and Listening to the Belles Virtuoso Power Amp.
He and his wife thought it was beautiful.
    Best JohnnyR
Thanks Johnny. Could not connect to the Youtube link you listed. Had to go to Google to enter the link and entered starting with www. and it took me to the Youtube video. Sounds very good on the Maggies. Its only 29 seconds long. I'm sure you'll do a second video thats longer in the near future to get a better taste.