Dallas DFW speaker crossover repair gurus that you'd trust

Looking for a speaker / crossover expert in/around the Dallas Fort Worth area who can test or upgrade or fix my speakers.  I always have something I'd like an expert to look at but don't trust your normal "speaker repair shops" who are not accustomed to specialized higher end products.

People I WISH were in Dallas:  Danny Richey with GR Research and Bill Legall.

Anyone know anyone?


Get off your a-s and thank your lucky stars that Iowa City is only 2 hours away!

I drove there twice from Phoenix and was happy for the time spent.

Try frank mufich audio ,he’s do some hi fi gear repair or upgrade.

hes in McKinney 


GR Research Inc.

1716 Texowa Rd.

Iowa Park, TX 76367


I’m in Celina, 2 minute walk (& North of) from McKinney and without traffic 2:49 travel time.

Thanks.  I mighth have to make the trip to Iowa Park.  My speakers are just massive and, with kids, it's hard to find the time.

Frank Mufich (McKinney TX) is a wizard. Not only can he rebuild cross overs he is a master with amplifiers - tube or solid state. I can help put you into contact with Frank. 

Crossovers are not rocket science DIY your own repair or upgrade and learn by doing seems like a win-win to me.

Is there more of a story here than what's been told so far?  Capacitors are simple to replace and coils almost never go bad. Unless burnt, resistors also rarely go bad and are should be easy to replace.  The only issue sometimes is getting access to the crossover. 

Of course, the other issue is when people want to change the crossover from what the manufacturer designed.  Crossover design, measurement and listening tests are a challenge, so this begs the question of why you want to change the crossover design of a speaker you originally thought enough of to buy.

@mlsstl good question. First of all, when I took out the rear speaker binding posts, I noticed the wires are connected with WIRE NUTS. Duntech would NEVER do that so the xover's have clearly been messed with.  These are over 30 years old so it's not surprising they might have been tampered with and I'd like to know what was done.  It's impossible to track down the original owner so I just want an expert to look and make sure things look ok and something wasn't totally jacked up.

They sound great as is but I wonder if I could be getting more out of them.  Again, seeing wires with wire nuts is a huge red flag that an incompetent person was medling around in there.

@dtximages -- I'd suggest the most important thing is to get your hands on a schematic of the original crossover design and compare that to the network in the speaker now.  Hard to know what lead to the use of wire nuts, but that can be fixed by any competent tech. The key is to have correct info about the original design.

@mlsstl true but I'm not competent to read those diagrams ha.  I would need to get them to the right person which is why I'm looking for the Dallas guru like Danny Richie.. I just cant lug these huge things up to him very easily.. I have young kids who don't allow me that much me time :)

@dtximages -- not to belabor the point, but once you have the crossover schematic, any competent tech should be able to determine if what you have in your speakers matches that design, and fix it if it doesn't match.  Even sophisticated passive crossovers don't have that many components -- the original LS3/5a crossover had 16 components which is a high number for a crossover.  We are not talking hundreds of components in a complex design.  Sounds like the hard part of your situation will be finding someone who makes house calls.


true but I'm not competent to read those diagrams ha.  I would need to get them to the right person which is why I'm looking for the Dallas guru like Danny Richie.. I ju

Must you move the speakers, or might just transporting the crossover be sufficient?  If you just wanted everything to spec, crossover only should work.  If you want better performance out of your speakers through crossover modifications, you will need to transport the speakers.

What about just great amp repair?  I blew up the center channel on my Anthem PVA7.  I'm sure it's just basic repairs but still want someone who has seen something similar before.