Dali Menuete SE

Recently added a pair of Dali Menuete’s SE to my collection of bookshelf speakers. There seems to be no love for these speakers on Audiogon. That maybe because they don’t seem to be too popular in the States. They are very small speakers and I would not have them if they were my only speakers. I could not find these in stock in the states, and I certainly did not want to pay the US retail price for them. I ended up buying a pair from Germany for !K less than the cost in the states. I must say, for very small speakers they sound incredible. I was surprised at  how much bass could come from a 4 inch woofer. Has a nice rich midrange and good audiophile treble.(not bright, but very good sparkle.). I am drive them with a Hegal 390, which is a very good match. These speakers are very beautifully made in the walnut. I think that is the only way the SE version comes. For such a small speaker they have very good weight to the sound. No thinnest at all. These are not rock speakers, but they play as loud as I can stand in my 12x14 room. 


Dali Opticon 1 worked out better for me.  Alot to like about the Menuet SE but for all its resolution, it was for me over refined and either left out or obscurred detail in music which is in the recording.  Gorgeous finish and demanding of amp.

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