Dalesford Drivers

Does anyone know anything about Dalesford drivers (made in England)? I stripped them from a pair of DIY transmission subwoofers that I had and want to know if they are worth holding on to.
Dalesford are fairly high quality drive units and were used in Fried and possibly IMF speakers to name a couple. The first drivers in my circa 1979 Fried Model C were Dalesford drivers with bextrene cones.
Yes. Many of their 5" and 8" drivers were similar to the KEF B110 and B200 range.

Could you describe more what size are the voice coils and woofer and magnet diameter? There were some Fried oem versions that are high quality as Doak stated. Armour All will keep surrounds in good condition. Surrounds might need to be reglued with rubber cement.
Thanks for the responses. They are 10" woofers with a 6" magnets. It appears to be a Feroba II magnet.

I was looking more online and the drivers appear to be similar to what was used in a Fried Model T subwoofer.
If you can tell me the model number, I can, likely, tell you the specs.

What brand t-line speaker kit are they from? Fried used these in Model T.D and O. Are the voice coils 33mm or 55mm, plastic or cloth dust caps? I see that Kal knows about these drivers also. I would like to know the specs Kal has compared to what I have been told about the driver parameters many years ago. Most people never heard of this company. The oem units Fried used were the best bextrene cones. I had to reglue surrounds to driver frame over the years.
I have a catalog from England that lists (and pictures) the drivers with summary specs for each model. There are, also, similar tabular listings with similar info. All are Bextrene cones but the v.c. diameters vary.

Does the catalog show one D153 and D250 model? The D153 stock version had a 93mm magnet and the Fried version had 102mm magnet. The Fried version was 93mm deep, stock was 83mm deep. The Fried version back plate to top plate depth was 37 mm deep compared to 28mm for stock D153. I wish I could see the catalog.
Me, too. It is at my office and I will not be there until Wednesday afternoon at the latest. I will report back as soon as I can.

The catalog shows 2 D153 models, both spec'ed at 77mm deep. It also shows 3 200mm (8") and one 250mm (10") model.

The 10" is:
Depth 97mm
Weight 2.5kgs
Flux density 14k gauss
Power handling 50w rms
Resonant F 23hz
max power 70w
Nominal FR 25-3500Hz

What year is the catalog? The Transcendental cataolg MBarney posted on Google I lost many years ago has some different dimensions . You can find it by doing a general search of Dalesford woofers. The 10" vesrions I have are magnet diameter 135mm, voice coil diameter 55mm and it is cloth covered not plastic, and depth around 115+mm. It has been years since I built the enclosures and lost written records of all the specs Fried told me. I know Fried used the D300 motor on his 10" 81 versions before the company closed. There were copies made by Mission Electronics under the Dalesford, Cambridge name. I have corresponded with many U.K. companies over the years that don't know the full story behind the company. Being a history buff it would be nice to know the full story. I was told the Bl is 12 and Vas around 170L it explains why they perform well in t-lines. I think Erfeller has the Fried versions. I was told Fried had a 5" version made in last B2 models with larger motor that were superior to the Kef B110.