DACs as preamps: Benchmark HDR vs Wyred4Sound DAC2

Looking to go the route of a DAC that has preamp functions as well. One of the above will be driving Parasound JC-1s via XLR.

Has anybody been able to compare the two from the perspective of the preamp? This may essentially boil down to if the Benchmark's analog preamp section is better than the W4S's digital output.

I have read the 6moons review which touches on it a bit, and the the recent soundstage review--though that one seems to compare the two directly from a DAC standpoint.

What's the forum's opinion on the two as preamps?

I haven't heard either of these as a preamp, but the DAC portion of the Benchmark is MUCH brighter sounding than the Wyred4Sound.
I have had the Benchmark, albeit not the PRE version, and now have the DAC2.
I was never able to settle on the Benchmark in any other mode than pure DAC. Every attempt to feed my power amp directly made me flip back using my preamp. The added harshness when controlling the volume in the DAC was unbearable with the Benchmark.
W4S is, in my opinion, a way better component overall, let alone the volume control section. If you have no analog source, then W4S is, in my opinion, by far the better choice.
I have had both and I would agree totally with Mihaitaa.
I have the SX1000's and the Dac2.( W4S ) I am using a Macbook Pro as my source. I have recently added a neat piece as another source.
I also have tried my Ps3 as a source.

I tried the Benchmark HDR in my system for a couple of weeks, and sent it back. Great energy, PRaT, and the best cymbal sounds I've heard, but too sterile and lean overall. All bone, no meat; all ash, no wood. I always perceived that I was listening to recordings and mixes, rather than listening to music and performances. (Fair enough, as that was what the Benchmark is designed for.) So a Wyred DAC-2 is on the way.

W4S question: Is the HT bypass essentially an analoge in that you could use with any source? (Is it subject to the DAC-2's volume control?) Hopefully yes.
HT Bypass is unaffected by the DAC-2's volume control. I'm not sure I would recommend it, but you could use a Goldpoint Passive Attenuator between your other source and the DAC-2 bypass input, it may sound fine.
I also had a Benchmark HDR for a couple weeks. As a DAC, I was impressed by the purity of its midrange, but it was leaner sounding that I like, and the top, while very extended, was sort of squeaky sounding. The Benchmark is so widely respected and has such great features; I wanted to like it, but it just didn't work out. Maybe the leanness and squeakiness are what come with neutrality and accuracy. In that case it needs bass and treble controls in addition to a volume knob.

I bought a Neko DAC after that and kept it. After rearranging the tubes in my BAT 3iX, I was more happy with it as a pre-amp.