Curious about your opinions new Pass Amps vs...

Hello everyone,

I have been reading many opinions about how wonderful these new Pass .5 amps are. My own little history of amps has been:

Rowland 201 monos
McIntosh MC2500's
Monarchy SM 70 Pro's
VTL Tiny Triodes (my only tube amp) and
Gamut 200MKII.

I have been using these on and off with the following pre's:

Rowland Concerto
Audible Illusions L2
McIntosh 712
Apt Holman pre and
Wyetech Labs Opal

Speakers used with these setups have been:

Thiel 2.4's
JBL 4312C Monitors
Acoustic Zen Adagio Jr's and
Magnepan MMG

My question is, how would say a PASS X250.5 represent itself compared to my present setup? Meaning, I been very content with my Gamut being my "main" amp choice for the majority of my listening, paired with the Opal and the MMG's. With the Zens (believe it or not) there is too much bass. Mind you that it is not overwhelming or boomy, but in my listening room, that's just how it manifests itself. I find the Gamut to be very resolving and critical in its representation of the upstream signal. Not that that's bad. The Rowland 201 are great when I pair them with the Thiels and the Concerto. Less resolving with that signature Rowland sweetness. The Zens pair up with the VTL tiny triodes well along with the Audible Illusions L2. Surprisingly, the little triodes can push the 86-87db Zens pretty darn good.

Any opinions on what the Pass X.5's can contribute to my systems??

Aptquark, take a look at both my reviews of the Pass LabsX-350.5 and XA-100 monoblocks here on the GON. I believe either the 250.5 or XA-30.5 would offer you a higher musical performance in your system.
I will check it out...thank you both. Anyone else who could add some info would be greatly appreciated.