Credenza or media stand for hiding away equipment

Hi, I haven't noticed any furniture topics. Currently I have an open rectangular wooden rack under the TV which serves as vinyl records storage, as well as where my integrated amp and dac are placed. This is an open system. 

Now I have a toddler who just entered the curious poking and prodding I need something that can hide my equipment (as well as the records). But everything that I come across in the market are 15 to 18 inches in depth. My Luxman amp is 18.5....and I also like solid wood, not MDF or plywood.

Anyone have any recommendations for credenzas that may fit my electronics? They need to be 20 inches deep, 55 to 70 inches wide and have doors.


I’ve never cooked anything in a closed back custom built cabinet.

But I don’t buy combo space heaters either

I'm afraid that a custom build will be your only option. I've raised 2 generations of toddlers with no damage.


 Some different thoughts…Cut out or remove the back panels to allow additional space and air flow.  Can add a platform that extends past the back of the cabinet to set deep components on.   Add usb computer cooling fans if it gets too warm.  I do this for my tube system in an armoire.  All works fine and my other half is ok with a system in the living room. 👍😉