Cream - Disraeli Gears - Best Redbook CD version?

Had the original CD release - yuk! Then got the "Cream Remasters" 1998 release - meh. Willing to buy it ONE LAST TIME!

Suspecting perhaps Deluxe Edition 2-CD package which contains mono versions might be the best. But then there is also the 4-CD box "Those Were The Days", claiming yet another remastering. Ugh!!

Anhyone heard these or other Redbook CD releases worth getting? Which has best sound?
I like the Deluxe Edition OK, not as good as my Back To Black vinyl version but acceptable for digital. Haven't explored any hi rez downloads yet.
Hi, There are some MFSL GOLD versions of Desraeli Gears on EBAY for under 50.00. Could be what your looking for!
Good Luck, Tish
I see that there are an SACD version (stereo and mono) as well as an HDTracks 24-192 version. Anyone have feedback on these two?