Coping with single sided deafness in right ear

Hello everyone. I’m writing to find out how others with single sided deafness have learned to live with it. 
Mine was sudden, stood up one day and felt a pressure change in my right ear. It felt like my ear would pop, but never did. 
I also have tinnitus and sensitivity to sound in the 6000 - 8000 hz range resulting in a distorted ringing. 
im tempted to look at sound bars, but am interested in how others may have dealt with this condition and continue to enjoy music and movies. 

thanks for reading!


PLEASE make sure you go to an ENT for diagnosis if not already done. One-sided deafness could indicate an acoustic neuroma, which requires medical intervention. This is a serious condition if not properly addressed. (Speaking from personal experience - my wife.)

Thanks for responding. I’ve been to two ENT’s and a couple of  Audiologists.   Also has a brain mri. 
I learned that I should have gone to the emergency room. Apparently, if you get a steroid injection into the eardrum within 48 hours there’s a good chance to reverse the hearing loss.  I didn’t know that and as I had an appointment with my family doctor the following week, I didn’t act fast enough. 
I appreciate your concern.

Balance control will help.

Another sneaky condition is AMD (usually called Wet AMD). you’ll be losing vision in one eye but you don’t notice because your brain is so good at compensating. Google "Amsler chart" and use it from time-to-time. The sooner you catch AMD the better.