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Anyone at home at Krell?
You might never know how a private company is financed till they fill for chapter 13 or the owner passes. Krell was top banana at one time and was mine was great for Apogee low ohm ribbons. Very few amp at the time could drive my 1 ohm Sintilla Ap... 
Sota Sapphire and Isolation?
I own several SOTA and I was just happy listen to the music on a piece of MDF. get Stethoscope and listen to the machine while running listen to the base top then the platter still and tap on the surface it on. Great buy the new SOTA quite nice.... 
Cd player
I have a Silver OPPO 105D it's on eBay is been barely used and only of Streaming and it's great flexible machine Audio and Video with all kinds of inputs and outputs. Jim  
Ethernet cables
Just buy regular CAT6 cables you will never know the difference and for get that. Communications companies use CAT6 and 5 at high speeds in Data Centers without errors or issues. Spend your money else where.  
The molecular level explanation of "cable burn-in"
Excuse me XL and XC    
The molecular level explanation of "cable burn-in"
If you look a Belden wire catalog they make all types of wire and fiber optics. They rate the insulator in capacitance per foot and the longer the cable the higher the capacitance becomes. The indicatance is from the wire and is rated in frequency... 
For the love of...kits?
There are still kits to build preamps, amps, speakers except you have to build the chassis, order the parts and maybe get some old textbook outs.  There are some great PCBs out on eBay and some do have the  schematics and some you have to request ... 
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
An OPPP 105D  Streams, 32 bit DAC, Play CDs, STREAM Netflix and more  great products 1K used.  
USB to Dual Coax Bridge for Qutest DAC
It would be interesting to do a comparison this the Bricast and the Holo Audio May DAC.  The May is a great DAC and would great comparison.        
DAC as pre amp
The problems not enough gain to drive you amp to full output. The majority of DAC's don't have a volume control or input for others components. Preamp should be able to drive long cables not a DAC. All DAC have an analog output and it a matter of ... 
Floating ground in the apt. Building
It is possible to create a Ground Reference if you're the AC source. It's possible have a transformer between House AC your new AC going through a transformer. However you transformer now become you AC and your reference you will need a larger tra... 
Where to get a crossover upgrade rebuild for B&W Matrix 802s3 Speakers?
I remember North Creek Audio and he liked to use Scan Speak speakers. Most all production speaker could use a crossover improvement.  Top of the line crossover components will get very expensive. It also depends on the number of drivers weather i... 
Speaker Cable Recommendation
For a low powered amp you need cables low inductance and low capacitance cables. The inductance will ruin you base and capacitance will reduce your high frequencies. There are a lot of low resistance cables and silver plated cable is very good opt... 
Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,
There are many fine speakers to listen to and many not so fine. However, once you get to listening for a long years those become your reference and that's fine but we can never own the best, why because it's subjective.  There are a lot of fine sp... 
At what price is one considered an Audiophile.
Audiofile A person that is may never happy with the sound they have and has to have the latest design. Of course that does not mean they do not love music it just mean they can't completely enjoy what the have.