Comparison between MHDT Havana and iDecco or Nova


I recently purchased Peachtree iDecco for my office and ran a quick test its DAC with my stereo system at home to see our good it is.
I was very impressed with iDecco's DAC for better imaging, sound stage, and more musical compared to my current DAC (PS Audio DLIII with cullan stage 3 modified).
My system includes Oppo 981HD, PS Audio dac, LFD Zero MKIII LE amp, Harbeth 7ES3.
Now I am convinced I need a tube DAC and considering either use iDecco at home system or getting a tube DAC, such as MHDT Havana.
I'd appreciate it if anyone tried both DACs and give me an input on this.


Sorry if I'm off topic but, I was wondering how your LFD and Harbeths faired with rock and other dynamic music.
I currently own both the Havana and The DLIII with mod 3. I purchased the Havana because in my system the PSIII was just too bright for my liking. It is however very accurate and revealing and has a lot of detail. I believe it to be a very good dac. I also learned it has very good jitter control because I noticed a difference right away with the Havana. I added a Monarchy Dip and that fixed the problem. For me the Havana works much better in my system as I have SS gear and I have a lot of hard surfaces in my room. I think the warmth of the havana and the fact that it's a nos dac is what does it for me. Maybe with a warmer system the DLIII would be better. Hope this helps.