CJ CAV 50 Integrated - Never heard it but curious ...

Hi Everyone,

As I'm debating whether or not to set up my HT again (yes, still) I started thinking about going to a minimalist tube approach I remembered one bit of kit I wanted to hear but never did, the CJ CAV 50. About 50 watts per channel, all tube everything.

My favorite amps ever are the CJ Premiere 12 which is why this was potentially such a good idea for me. Another alternative is to set up my HT, and run a CJ stereo amp for my L and R.


Wayyy back when I first discovered tubes I spent time demo’ng this amp & found the mids ^ were heavenly but felt the bass was a bit sloppy & loose...IMO the Cayin & Yaqin amps I compared were not quite as sweet with factory tubes but had much better control over the bass...I think this is an amp that probably needs more careful pairing with speakers as I demo’d with Dynaudio Audience 52SE...
Before you drop good money on an amp that old have a serious look at the Yaqin MS34C or Cayin A50...
Had one of these driving Vandersteen 2CE Sigs. Very nice, sweet sound, not really good for rocking out. With Classical, acoustic folk and small Jazz combos though it was heaven.