Chicago Audio Society June Meeting

The June meeting of the CAS looks like it will be one that is well worth attending. The following Company reps / owners are scheduled to attend and speak / demo various gear:

Steve Huntley of Great Northern Sound

Bill Eisen of Creative Cable Concepts

Jud Barber of Joule Electra

Dr. Roger West of Sound Lab

For those that have not attended a CAS meeting in a ( long ) while, the meetings are now held in another location. You can find various information on the website and / or contact one of the CAS members for further help / info. Sean
Do you know if the meeting will include any practical evaluations of gear? (For example, did not you guys find the [very inexpensive] Teac changer to be an outstanding transport in years past?)

Charlie: I'm not sure exactly what is planned. Hopefully, Brian will jump in here and take control of this thread. One thing that Brian did make me aware of is that Bob Crump "might" be at this meeting depending on his schedule. With all of these "industry professionals" in the building, we may not be able to fit any "audiophiles" into the building though : )

As for the Teac, i think it was an Aiwa changer that you are thinking about. I've never heard that piece, so i can't comment. I will say that there is a group of "Warren-heads" within the group of people that comprise the core membership of the CAS. This is obvious if you attend any of the meetings. They basically worship Stan and all of the goodies that he works on / builds, so you might want to take that into consideration when hearing / reading about these recommendations.

Other than that, i've received a few emails asking questions as to whether or not these meetings are open to the public. As far as i know, all meetings are open to the public. As to whether or not they are "free", i can't recall and the CAS website is somewhat ambiguous about the subject. If i remember correctly, i think that the first meeting is free and meetings after that are $5 apiece. One can join with the annual membership being $40 annually or pro-rated by the quarter. Due to the fact that there are quite a few speakers at this meeting, it may be a mandatory fee, but i'm not sure. I'll drop Brian a note and have him post what the lowdown really is. Sean

PS... I'm just a "knucklehead" that pops into CAS meetings as i can. I hold no position there, but thought that others in the area might find this meeting interesting / worth attending.
Hi, Charlie. The June meeting will not include any equipment comparisons, as the purpose is to give the designers a chance to say a few words and answer questions, and to have an effective demonstration of what's on hand. From time to time we do comparisons, though.

It's been some time since the Teac CD changer was the favorite of some members, although I still have one, a bit nonfunctional. Some have moved on to the Aiwa/MSB combination, and others are using modified Philips SACD players. I'm not involved in all of that at this time.

Regarding the question of the $5 meeting fee for nonmembers, this has been discussed at length by the CAS Executive Committee and most likely will go into effect in early June. Keeping track of who had attended a free meeting and making the $5 fees applicable toward membership dues got to be a major burden for our officers doing this. As much as we want people to feel welcome, we are making this change to keep things simple.

All of that said, I suggest the June meeting will be extraordinary, one not to miss. People will get to hear some esoteric ultra high performance gear, as well as meet the designers, a rare combination. And as Sean mentioned, there's a good chance Bob Crump and some audio reviewers will show up. There will probably be some surprises, too. I encourage you to attend. Information including directions to the meeting location in Arlington Heights is on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to mail me.

Brian Walsh
Chicago Audio Society
Thank you both for the info. I know you will have a great time. (Be sure to let us all know if you find some "sleeper" gear, after all.)