LA&OC Audio Society Meeting Gallo Speaker raffle

New members and guests most welcome! !!!

EAR Thrilling EVENT on April 17th!!!!!

It's Gallo time for the Society!!

Don't miss this once in a lifetime event at Evolution Audio and Video in Agoura Hills with special guest John DeVillars, U.S. Sales Manager of Gallo!!

Hear the famous Gallo Ref 3's! Hear incredible stereo and surround. Talk with the best in the business. Hosted by audiophile Jay Franks, President of Evolution.


"Winner Take All Raffle" of Hot New Micro 5.1 Gallo System with TR1 Active Sub for a very lucky audiophile!!!!! $1000 Prize SUPER SURROUND SYSTEM Thank You Gallo!!!!!

Lunch served and selected by our own Hajime Sato, our new VP Hospitality Giant WINNER TAKE ALL Raffle Great Guests Don't miss it!

Sunday April 17 2-5pm Evolution Audio and Video Agoura Hills Scroll down for Directions

AND 30% off list!!! of most software in stock just for our Society...big selection and great shopping opportunity...You don't want to miss this wonderful one day only deal on audiophile goodies galore!

New members and guests most welcome!

See you all April 17th for Gallo time,

Bob Levi
Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society
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Evolution Audio and Video
5341 Derry Avenue, Suite S, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Tel: 818-879-1312


From North: 101 South. Exit at Kanan Rd. Turn left onto Kanan Rd/CR-N9 Turn right onto Canwood St. Turn left onto Derry Avenue.

From The South: 101 North from 405. Exit toward Chesbro Dr, Agoura Hills. Turn right onto Palo Comado Canyon Rd. Turn left onto Chesbro Rd. Turn right onto Canwood St. Turn right onto Derry Ave.
Dear Members,

Mark your calendars for the most outstanding summer of audio in Society history!

May 28 Brooks Berdan LTD. Presents the state of the art Wilson Max II Loudspeakers set up to perfection! 15 turntables to audition! Greatest Software Raffle Ever, Part 2! Over 100 audio disks/DVDs included!! See Brooks' Amazing Audio Museum on premises. Dinner served. Saturday Evening 5-8pm May 28th at Brooks Berdan Guests Welcome! Directions at .

June 12 Walk Down Memory Lane! Vintage HIFI Show and Super Mod Event! Guest Presenter: Dan Wright, President of ModWright and Joe Kubala, President of Kubala-Sosna Cables. Special guest: Frank Sosna, CEO Kubala-Sosna. Bring your classic and vintage gear for display or sale. The Society gets 10% of sale. Plenty of beautiful tables set up for your classic gear for best display. Set up vintage systems and make music! Hear about the latest in tube mods from the best: Dan Wright. Raffle of Superb Kubala-Sosna Cables! Sunday June 12 Setup: 12-1pm Event: 1-4pm. Holiday Inn at Beach Blvd. and the 91. Guests most welcome.

July 17 Digital Ear in Tustin Presents Harmonic Technology with Special Guest Jim Wang, President of Harmonic Technology! Hear the Magic Reference Silver Interconnects and the Incredible CyberLight [Fiber Optic] Interconnects and more! Super System includes EMM Labs DSD, JM Labs Loudspeakers, and Halcro Electronics!!! Great raffle of Harmonic Technology Interconnects! Lunch served. Sunday July 17 2-5pm at the Digital Ear Guests most welcome!

August 21 LA's first Trinaural Audio Demonstration! Our Host John Casler features 3 top of the line VMPS Loudspeakers set up for maximum sound quality and realism! Special Legendary Audiophile Guests: Jim Bonjourno. Plus, meet Andy Miller, CEO of Soundstring. System includes 3 Ampzillas, McCormack UDP, and Soundstring Cables. Amazing Raffle of ALL the Soundstring Cables in the system!!! Thank you Soundstring!! Sunday August 21 1-4pm Holiday Inn at Beach Blvd at the 91 Guests most welcome!

Now this is how audiophiles truly enjoy the summer with your LA&OC AUDIO SOCIETY! Please mark your calendars and forward to your audiophile friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on May 28th at Brooks Berdan and great listening to all,

Bob Levi


Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society www.laocaudiosociety for directions to all events!

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