cheap coax

I'm looking for ~20' of coax to run from my source (emu 0404) to my dac. I've currently got some cheap stuff from monoprice - is the stuff bluejeanscable sells significantly better? Other sources for long runs?

I'm looking to spend under $80 new or used.
I would suggest the Canare Digiflex Gold LV61S or AudioQuest VSD-1. Both are inexpensive and great performers.

For such long runs, I strongly suggest that you look at Monarchy Digital Interface Processor (DIP) which boost the digital signal and dejitter too. Those are arround used for as little as $100. It would make a dramatic improvement in sound.
Thanks for the suggestions guys - both sound like good options.

Arni - the monarchy seems like a good solution, but there aren't any used ones at the moment. Is there an alternative?