Central KY

Looking for shops or audiophile in the central KY area. Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown.
I am from the area, but living away for a while currently. Choices are very limited. Ovation in Louisville and Lexington carries thiel and now mcintosh I believe. They had carried martin logan and krell, but I don't know if they still do.

There was a revel dealer in louisville by appt who is listed on their website if he is still in business.

Barney Miller's in Lexington carries B&W, classe, and thiel. They have a demo room with 802Ds and CAM 400s.

Although a bit further than your listed area, you may want to consider Florence, Kentucky or Nashville, Tennessee. Nicholson's in Nashville carries martin logan, thiel, B&W, mcintosh, and musical fidelity. HiFi Buys in Nashville carries Wilson audio. I believe that audiovideo environments closed, but that is where I bought my JM labs micro utopia berylliums.

Audible Elegance is in Florence Ky and carries martin logan, thiel, B&W, and ayre.

Nicholson's and Audible Elegance were the only places that had turntables on display.

Hope this helps