Center Channel Upgrade: Pls.recommend MTM w.Ribbon

Looking to upgrade center channel speaker. Would like a recommendation on a medium size M-T-M speaker with a ribbon tweeter. Do you have any ideas? Thanks.
Match your left and right speakers. Buy the same make and model if possible. Anything else WILL be a compromise. A horizontal M-T-M array, in general, is not a good design for horizontal dispersion. A vertical M-T-M array will give you better results. Ribbons are very directional as well, which is not a good choice unless you are building a theater for one viewer.
Be forewarned I am a small VMPS dealer, but the VMPS Large Ribbon Center is a great Center speaker.

What speakers are you mating it with?
The VMPS LRC is on my short list because it uses the Bohlender Graebner Neo PDR5000 which would be a great match to my BG Z Series multi-channel tower system.
The only problem is my shelf clearance is only 9.5". I believe the LRC is 11" in width.
Any other recommendations? Thanks.