CD Players as transports for Schiit Gungnir Multibit

Looking for assistance in identifying good value in used cd players with good transports to match with my Gumby multibit. Using Denon DCM-560 currently, looking for step up,
 Appreciatively Rob
Cambridge Audio CXC bought mine 3 month ago for my McIntosh system superb value for money.
Thanks for input. Anything used you'd recommend? Unit you cite is reasonable and will investigate further. 
Replace the CD player with a NAS drive and a network player. I use the Sonore microRendu with my Schiit Gungnir Multibit and a number of others have bought them after hearing them here. Cheers,
Thanks itzhak for listing note, also looking for Theta used. sbank, what are advantages over just ripping cd's to laptop with the NAS? Expensive option, with more to purchase, but respect new solutions education you are trying to provide. 

You are asking a question that requires a detailed response. I would first suggest reading Chris Connaker's 2 part review of the Sonore microRendu on CA site. If you like videos hans beekhuyzen's youtube channel has good reviews of the microRendu and the Aurelic Aries. If you have questions after checking those out, I would be happy to help you in this thread or via PM if you prefer. 

Oversimplying summary: Go with low power single purpose device in audio room that prevents minimizes distortions & noise from getting to your DAC; Fewer parts of better quality, doing less to screw with the music. Increase options for graphic user interface for fun easy use not reliant on any one vendor to maximize satisfaction & longevity of purchase path. Cheers,
robdive1, the Cambridge Audio CXC is an excellent transport, you can still find the old ones for under 400.00 0r you can get the new on for under 600.00. the only difference between the two is cosmetic . they will sound the same. i use this on my Gungnir until i sold the Gungnir recently. buy a BlueJean 1694 A digital cable... from the CXC to the dac and enjoy. Greg
I own the Cambridge CXC transport an find it to be a high value product. There are better transports, however at many times the price. 

I've been  using an older Sony DVP-NS999ES as a CD transport into a Gungnir Multibit A2 and very satisfied.

Sony DVP-NS999ES -- Gungnir MB A2 -- Freya+