cary slp-98p tube recommendations?

High everyone I have a cary slp-98p preamp with phono, and also have a cary cad120s amp. I have recently just purchased my first set of tun-sol kt120 tubes for my power amp from upscale audio. And living in Canada it will probably take at least 3 weeks to get them.
Though since my last order I would like to get some spare tubes for my slp-98 preamp especially in the phono section. I got my preamp with JJ electronic gold plated tubes in the phono section and Electro Hermonix 6SN7.
For vinyl I like the JJ tubes but would like more extended and defined bass. I have a cary cd303t sacd player and have some gold lion 12AU7 tubes, and tried them out which made a huge difference in the bass which suits more my taste. But in the end dabating about going all gold lion tubes in the phono section or something else? Plus what of 6SN7's would work well with the KT120s?
Kevin deal at Upscale Audio sells a lot of Cary and a lot of tubes including true NOS for market prices. He is very careful about the quality of the tube, you won't find that on Ebay.