Cary Audio SLP-05 vs Coincident Statement Line Stage

Does anyone have direct experience with both these two preamps? Looking for a direct comparison between these two.
any reason you are constrained to these two in this price range? I think they are both fully balanced circuits so perhaps that's one of your criteria?  I'd include other choices myself.  The separate left and right volume of the Coincident is a non starter for me.  The gain specs are too high on the Cary to ever match in my system - 24dB balanced.
I have a set of Cary 211 FE mono blocks.....I currently drive them directly from my Aesthetix IO Phono-Pre with it’s stepped attenuators. I get fantastic, speed, detail, and sound staging, but the midrange is a bit lean for my tastes... not enough body/color. Cello’s sound too much like Violas. Looking for a Preamp ( must be balanced ins/outs as I run 4.5 meters of IC’s to the amps) that will give me more drive and body without losing what I already have. The Cary seems obvious, but I have heard great things about the Coincident Statement Line Stage too.
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audioconnection1,122 posts05-05-2020 9:40amWhat speakers, are you running with?Do you have them too far out into the room for a decent power response? Try and find an Aesthetix Métis! or Calisto with your Aesthetix phono and correct set up it should be amazing.
Re the gain of the SLP-05, John Atkinson measured a much lower figure (13.8 db) than the 24 db that is specified in the manual for balanced i/o.

Another point to consider, though, is that given the 4.5 meter length of the interconnects the SLP-05’s measured output impedance of approximately 1500 ohms in the treble region suggests that low capacitance cables should be used. Anything above roughly 30 pf/foot or so may have adverse effects on the top octave. That would not be a concern with the Coincident Statement Line Stage.

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-- Al

Al, have you had any personal experience with the Coincident  Statement Line Stage ?