Cary 306/100 demo/cheap or 306/200 or 303/200 new?

What should it be given price/performance/enjoyment/long-term use? Thanks.
I've seen used 306/200 models listed here for $3100-$3300, which is probably about $400-$600 more than a new 303/200 (I think those are often discounted to $2700 or so)...that might be the way to go.
Given the $3100-$3300 range for used 306/200's -- if you are willing to spend that....I would not hesitate to get Cary's best player. The decision you will have to make is one of whether your comfortable buying used equipment. If you are, buy the best you can, if your not, buy what you can afford new and feel good about having a warranty. Good Luck!