Cardas Golden Reference w/ Paradigm Studio 60's??

I am doing the dreaded speaker cable search. My system seems to be a bit bright and I have heard that the Golden Reference would help combat that. How is the detail? I want the soundstage, detail, and depth of the Transparents but a bit warmer. Any suggestions? I have tried Transparent Reference, NBS Omega 4's, and FMS Waveguide 3. The Transparents were fantastic, but too bright. The NBS were weak in the instrumentals. I am using a Pass x150, Monarchy Audio M22C DAC, Marantz dv18, and Paradigm Studio 60's.
I enjoy my golden reference cables(selling old golden cross currently) they are very warm and forward sounding, with a "color" in the midrange-some would say this is an overly romantic cable, I think that is true but it isn't a bad thing either. I am planning on getting new cables soon, but upgrades do cost money and I have bought too much stuff this year already and its only April!! You may want to try a different speaker as well, what you have is like the Gourmet chicken wing dinner at hooters-those who won't admit to going there or who forgot what that was- it is 20 chicken wings(paradigm speakers) served with a bottle of Dom Perignon(golden reference), what I am saying is that both are good for what they are but it seems to be an odd pairing. Find someone who will do an in home trial and see if they work for you, the only way to test a cable properly is to live with it for a while, IMO any way.

Happy hunting