Canadian Preamp+DAC+Streamer Faceoff

I am watching the NHL playoffs as I type this and realized that the 3 network streamer Preamp/DAC units I am interested in are all Canadian.

1) NAD M12 sounded good with the NAD M22 amp.
2) Anthem STR preamp with DAC. It does not have streaming (I think)
3) SimAudio Moon 390

I think these units can be categorized as good but not uber quality units, which is OK from my current application. Has anyone compared the sound quality of the 3 and which did you prefer? I have not heard the NAD M12 with any other amp than the M22. Has anyone with heard the M12 with non-NAD amps?

The reason I have focused on these 3 units is because of the feature set. They have almost 100% of the features that I am looking for. These features I need or like to have include, 2 analog source inputs preferably XLR, a good DAC, network streaming via Ethernet (I don’t think the Anthem STR does this), ROON READY, and SYNERGY with the amp I chose.

I will be using the Paradigm Persona 3F speakers with this system. I am looking for a warmish sounding pre to mate nicely with the Persona. I have heard the NAD M12/M22 with the Persona and it was a very good match. However, I had recently heard an uber SS amp, the Luxman m900u, and it is better than the M22 I have visions of buying this great amp and pairing it with one of the 3 units mentioned above.

The smart move should be to buy the NAD stack and call it a day. However, that Luxman amp keeps nagging me to buy it. An uber quality Pre+DAC+Streamer I have also looked into is the Mola Mola Makua but this cost is high and I have a feeling I maybe able to get close with the other 3 units.
Yystantabarbera we sell the NAD and the Anthem products.

A viable solution is the Anthem STR preamp coupled with a really good solid state amplifier.

The Anthem STR we feel is a bit less colored sounding then the NAD products, add a Coda .8 amp and an Innous streamer and you will have a fantastic combo.

The NAD Hypex amp is okay, what you are liking is the Nad M22 which is a warm and full bodied preamp it is a bit more colored than the warm sounding STR.

Our combo for you would combine the excellent Anthem Room Correction which is a huge bonus, the new genesis version is supposed to allow for custom Eq which would allow you to fine tune the Persona 3F to add a bit more mid bass giving them a bit more warmth.

The Coda .8 is super open, warm and resolute just a fantastic amp for the money, and the Innous Zenith server presents digital with a full bodied and liquid presentation. This is a very well balanced combination of great components.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Anthem, Coda, Persona, NAD dealers
Thanks for the feedback, especially the NAD and Anthem comparison. I have been discussing with one of your customers the Code #8. He has given it great reviews to me. He also owns the Anthem STR preamp and also likes it with the CODA #8. He was also recommending I get a dedicated server, instead of using my computer with the Sonare microRendu like I currently do. I do not remember which server he mentioned but he is saying the same system build steps as you.

I think I wrote on a post on some thread that the Coda #8 is something I should look into instead of the Luxman. 

I can get all the components you are suggesting for the price of a single Luxman m900u. So that is what a smart guy would do. However, I am waiting on an investment to materialize to see if I can splurge on the Luxman amp.  

For anyone interested. I getting the new all black Persona 3F from a local dealer. It looks really nice, my favorite color for that speaker.
Yystantabarbara, the Coda amp will get you pretty close to the next level amp be it a T+A or a Luxman.

We would recommend the Innous Zenith + Anthem STR+ Coda .8 for the money you will not find a better sounding combo nor one with a good built in dac, superb room correction and the flexibility of true separates.

Then I would invest in good power conditioning, and cables,  and  a few sets of the Critical Mass Centerstage footers.

This way you would have maximized the performance envelope of the system and be ready in the future if you then want to go up to the next level which in our minds would be a T+A PA 3100HV integrated or possibly a Gryphon which we haven't tested with the Personas but it is a superb piece. 

Do stage one well and then in the future look at upgrading to stage two.

The Anthem's Dac is very good and even in a treated room the Anthem ARC can do wonders. Also add a set of the Isoacoustics Footers for another nice improvement over the stock footers.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Coda, Anthem, Paradigm Persona and Innous, Critical Mass dealers

Thanks, appreciated your informed opinion on this. The reason I am getting the Persona 3F (from my local Santa Barbara dealer) was triggered by your posts. 

I will get back in touch with you when I get ready to spend some dough..