can you download yamaha steinberg usb driver to my Ipad 7

I've been trying to use my ipad 7 gen as a controller. Wanting to use my Yamaha CD2100 dac's USB port.  I've downloaded the Yamaha Steinberg usb driver like the directions  show, but nothing shows up on the Ipad it doesn't read it. I was told if the driver isn't in the apple apps its not compatable. He said Ipads are a closed  system not a pc. Can use your input, I need to send back the expensive cable if useless 


Apple’s unix claims to not need ANY drivers. That said they often do nothing with non Apple equipment.

Last nite my partner wanted to show me a You Tube vid from her iPhone over the TV last night. All she needed was an Apple TV box and about 15 minutes to figure it out.

One click, no box for my Android. The cast button is obvious.

Goto the Apple store.

My son said go to the source, the Apple store . Wasted a few days on this. I wanted to send my music through the Dac on my CD2100 it has 9016 chip. Great sound shame to waste it. The usb cable, audioquest carbon was way overpriced but had good reviews.Thanks for input