Can anyone shed some light on the difference between the Oppp BDP-83 and BDP-83SE ?

Thank you for any input/knowledge/experience you can share. 


@lordmelton Which mods did you do to your 83SE?

Since ripping is not my thing. Essentially, I'd use one of two configurations:

1) HDMI out to my system for the DVD/Bluray playing. 

2) Analogue out for CD/SACD listening in Stereo

BUT… if, after A/B testing I decided that my external DAC sounds better, I'd go with Coax out to my DAC for stereo listening. 

The internal DAC is newer and ostensible better than the MusicHall's. However, MusicHall has out performed a few more expensive players when A/B auditioned on my system. For instance, a Rotel that was way more expensive but really did not sound as transparent. 

The 103 / 105 option is out of my budget range. 


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> Thanks for your interest in RAM.  Here are the two options for this application
> Level 1: $795.00 + $20.00 shipping Power Supply rebuild and Superclock 4-S , WBT NextGen RCA for digital out
> Level 2 Statement: $1295.00 + $20.00 shipping Power Supply Rebuild and Ultraclock Mk2, WBT Nextgen RCA for digital out
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I went with the Level 2 Statement mod with a BNC digital out, which is very good.

RAM are no longer in business.

For current mods look here:



Yes, RAM was quite good at one time. Sad, these "modification" Companies are folding. To my knowledge, ModWright is the only one left. Dan, is pretty fickle though.


Happy Listening!



A very nice and interesting System that you have assembled.


Happy Listening!