Cable upgrades for Quicksilver linestage preamp?

I just bought a Quicksilver tube linestage preamp mated to a McCormack dna.05 amp and a Rega Apollo cd player.My musical taste range from smooth jazz,classic rock and latin jazz.The quicksilver replaced an Acurus L10.By comparison the Acurus sounded a whole lot better.My cabeling is Audioquest Kingcobra&Diamondbacks.Thx Pete215
What preamp is it,the non remote or the remote?If it is the one that uses 12ax7 tubes you might be better off replacing the tubes,I use Sylvania green label in mine.Tubes will change the flavor of the sound and they are not too costly to replace.
What is it you do not like (sound too bright? too dull? too much bass? not enough? etc.)? And is it a brand new preamp or used?
Thanks for your response,the preamp is used with no remote.The previous owner sent new replacement tubes with unit,which I installed.The sound is not dynamic, kinda dull not detailed not enough tight bass.
>The sound is not dynamic, kinda dull not detailed not enough tight bass<

There's a good possibility in an impedance miss-match between your Quicksilver linestage and McCormack amp. Check the specifications in each manual - make sure the output impedance matches the input impedance.
FYI It also inverts
try a pair of Quicksilver V4s to go along with it and you will be in love.