building a sub

I have a 1000 plus sq/ft room that I would love to fill with base. has anyone purchase a sealed container and put there own sub in with good results? I know alot of you build your own cabinets but I work full time and dont want to invest the time or money in a table saw that I may only use once.
So, since you dont have time to build a cabinet, why not just buy a subwoofer that is already built ?

Not saying that you cant get a sub and install it into a cabinet, but arent there certain factors that go into finding the right sub / cabinet ?
Check out Parts Express for a variety of kits, drivers and cabinets. Excellent performance at an affordable cost. Good luck!
You cant build a sub cheaper then a used svs model right now. Ive seen some high powered 300 watt 12" subs for $250-$300 used!!