Bryston BDP-pi

Any owners with experience, system integration with Roon, Manic Moose.  Taking delivery on Thursday and looking fo4 anyone with expertise.
Afte one month have the following observations:

1. The BDP pi is an awesome reproducer of my music collection.  It is versatile, trouble free and gives an honest representation of my music files, stored in Apple lossless compression.
2. The Manic Moose interface is a work in progress, especially the Artist view, which introduces multiple copies of the same album, with tracks spread out over multiple albums.
3. Roon is fantastic.  Instant integration with the BDP, and a beautiful, intuitive interface.

Great streamer, great company.
I've been using Roon with my BDP-1 for a year and it's fantastic. It's been completely stable. I much prefer Roon's interface over Bryston's Manic Moose or any other third party MPD controller or full blown music management like Audirvana Plus and iTunes.
Agree.  Roon is fantastic, with great compatibility and identification of albums and tracks.  Well worth the pricing structure.

@gcknapp I am wondering if you're still loving the sound of your Pi. I am awaiting delivery of my Pi. Trading up from Chromecast audio because 96k files drop audio which is a known issue yet to be resolved by Google. Do you have to turn your Pi off using the rear rocker switch or does it go into standby automatically?
Still love my pi.  Bought a Mytek Liberty dac to pair with it, and sound is extraordinary.  Leave on all the time, per Bryston.