Broken Interconnects-fix, trash or ???

What do you do with broken interconnects? I've tried to fix them in the past but don't have the "touch".

I just broke a tooth off of an Accusound by Apapture. These are older but were very expensive 3 foot interconnects when new. I also have a nice 1 meter coax Tara Labs single digital cable that the end came loose on. Finally, I've got 3 older DAK cables that were nice in their day that certainly aren't worth fixing but even for the right angle gold plated RCA's are worth something.

Am I hard on cables? I don't think. Let's not comment on that. I got all of these from an older guy when I bought some gear from him. I think he was hard on them.

Anyone out there fix these? Anyone out there interested in these? I really don't want to throw them away...
Try Moon Audio. In the past he'd said he would re-terminate cables. The question you have to ask is "is the cost worth it?" I would expect to pay $30.00 per pair of ICs plus the cost of the male RCAs.
The original manufacturer's of your cables may be a good place to go for repairs. For example I've done this with Synergistic Research cables on a couple of occasions. They not only repair or replace the broken connector ends, but upgrade the cables to latest spec as well. Of course there is a charge for the service, but compared to the price of a replacement cable it's very worthwhile.
Ted Denney at Synergistic is a great guy to deal with.
For MIT you can consult with Joe Abrams; he is also on this site.

Lower cost cables may be worth trying to repair by yourself, but you must have the right materials + soldering & heat shrink expertise. If not, then you might advertise them for sale as-is for those who are skilled.
I have a 20 year old Tara IC and when I asked them how much it would be to fix they said 'free' and also paid the return shipping!

FWIW it is a Pandora S cable and still sounds great.
I fixed a Audioquest quartz by unscrewing the end and just reconnecting a loose wire. I didn't resolder or anything. It has worked fine ever since about 6 years ago.