Border Patrol

Anyone have any experience with Border Patrols Power Supply? The reviews look promising but I would rather hear a "real" persons experience. I will be using it with an Audio Note oto SE line integrated driving Zingali HM112s. My poor little oto dosnt seem to be up to the task of controlling the 12 inch drivers in the Zingalis. But it has a beatifull sound I dont want to lose. (ie a new amp)
Border Patrol Power supply? Is that a generator? I saw one on the way to Mexico, I believe it was a Honda ex1000i. It had enough power to light up that wall in TJ, but that was attracting too many bugs for my taste. Try using some spray for the bugs to kill them and they'll leave you alone but you'll have to get a good broom to sweep them up after they fall and I prefer horsehair over the synthetics as they don't put off the fumes of burning plastics which takes us to air fresheners. Lysol period, don't trust the others! Be careful not hold a lighted match to the spray! It is inflammable! You could burn the house down and lord knows the wooden horns in your Zingalis would only add fuel to the fire which would draw more bugs!
Speaking of lysol ...I like to spray massive amounts into a plastic bag which I them place over my head. My system sounds just amazing for about 30 seconds or so. Bi-wire tri-wire singles they all sound good. Pink Floyd sounds just awesome...allthough it frightens me a bit. BTW Im a profesional Dont try this experiment un-supervised. Oh and dont smoke!
Yes, I own Border Patrol supply MB. It improved the sound of my Canary 608 integrated very nicely, bass, image and definition. If you visit the Border Patrol Patrol site, you will see the instruction for modifying the Canary 608 for the power supply plus other amps. That's how far Border Patrol goes to provide customer service. You can make the mods to connect the power supply yourslef, if you have any skill with a soldering iron. Just remember the power supply doesn't work with every tube amp.
Thanks Hogg, On the website they list quite a few Instructions for Audio Note products. I have e-mailed them looking for a contact who has used it on an Oto. So far no reply. Thank you for your imput