Blue Circle BC-21 or Rogue 99

Ive been searching down a BC-21 (6SN7 type) all week and think i have a line. But an interesting turn has an Rogue 99 (non magnum) available for not much more.
Any thoughts ?
I am a satisfied owner of a BC-21 specifically for its use of 6SN-7 tubes; great customer service by Gilbert Yeung (Blue Circle); simple (point-to-point), yet well-thought design; and because it just sounds great. I use Tung-Sol "Black Glass" 6SN-7's, Ken-Rad "Black Glass" 6SN-7s, or Raytheon 6SN-7's with great results.
Also, I had mine modified by Gilbert - adding a Shallco volume attenuator, Blue Circle's best caps., a separate power supply, and additional inputs...the process to upgrade (communication, service, etc.) was just customer service at its best...I am a firm believer in Blue Circle because of Gilbert's design experience, service, and attention to detail...My modded BC-21 will not be leaving my system...Just my opinion and experience...
If you prefer the sound of octal tubes (6SN-7's), I suggest you'll be more than satisfied with a Blue Circle BC-21...
Not very familiar with the Rogue... The BC-21 is a very simple straight-forward design, so you are listening to the tube in many respects.. I have had the best results with the Tung-Sol VT-231, Ken-Rad VT-231 and the Sylvania 6SN7W. The stock Philips tube are pretty good for a new tube. I believe Rogue uses a similar or same tube in the Magnum..

Gilbert will still build you a new 6SN7 BC-21. You will just have to buy your own tubes. One of the main reasons he stopped making the BC-21 was a poor supply of new tubes that meet with his criteria for quality.

You could also try posting something in the forum at the Blue Circle website.

The upgrades Salsumma mentions are very good. If your budget allows, you could also ask Gilbert and Angela (and myself) about the Blue Circle "Sugarbrie" preamp which is a Dual-Mono 6SN7 design like the BC3000 and Galatea, with a similar power supply..
Rogue 99
Loves all kinds of tube brands.
Holds its resell value well.
If you have a great deal looming with the 99 I would grab it fast! A very fine preamp with the best customer support.