Blue Circle Audio BC86 MKII Noisehound feedback

anybody have any input from personal use of the noisehound?
Hi: Ordered one Noisehound this weekend from a Audiogon seller in Canada for $110 shipped. Will give it a go this week and try to get back to you after I try it out. I am intending to plug in into a Wireworld Electrifier 6 outlet power strip that has an Audioquest AC-15 power cord attached on its IEC 320 female connectors on this $39.00 great no-frills power strip. It allows for your components with non-detachable power cords to utilize the power cord (your choice to attach) of the power strip . Hopefully, the BC-86 MKII Noisehound will add to and not detract from my stereo system's already clear sounding, very open and distortion free performance. But for $110.00 for an AC line conditioner that works as claimed? Why not? Worth a listen. Cheers, Jon
I find one works well and is worth the $110. Two is even better if you have a high resolution system. Really quiets the background noise in the system. Adds clarity and dynamics. You would want to experiment with plugging it either in a open wall plug, or into an open plug on your conditioner or power strip. If you try two, then do both. If plugged into the wall it will also assist other oulets on the same circuit. The change is more noticeable to me plug into a power center nearer the components.

I also own one of the original version. Don't notice any difference between the two. The Mk11 filters a wider bandwith. You can read a professional review of the Mk1 version at:

PS: Like many power things; while you will notice some difference when you plug it in; you will notice it more after you get use to the sound for a few days, and then pull it out.
thanks tom, for the input. i'm running a "virgin" circuit without any filters/surge etc. might have to give a pair a try. kurt
sorry to read about your mothernature misfortune.
Hi: A follow up report on the BC86 MKII Noisehound. I hooked it up onto a power strip with my receiver, CD player and and my cassette deck. Honestly, I could not tell the difference either at low volumes, at high volume, or by listening to the "white noise" on my speakers with my CD player on pause or at any other time during the past three days. Either I do not have an AC power line that is noisy or dirty, or my components just have no audible benefit from such a sophisticated noise filter. Anyone else want to take this BC86 MKII off of my hands? I really don't think that I am needing this accessory to treat a problem that appears not to be prevalent, or my ears have finally given out!
Sorry to hear you say that. I just ordered a pair and of course it's non-returnable. I'm hoping it does some good in my system. If not, well, there goes more money...

I think most likely your equipment is not sensitive enough to tell the difference. I think a system would need to be class " B " or better to hear a significant difference.

just my opinion :)